ADELI / Inspiration

Film / advertising / screening & web


Client /ADELI Interior Architecture & Partners LTD
Agency / Vision Apart
Creative.dir / S.Goyon

Production House / Vision Apart & Memory slash Vision
Film dir. / S.Goyon
DOP / Paolo Rudelli
Music / Fred Malle

Duration / 1m47s
Format / hd
End media / web + screenings

Project Info

ADELI is an interior architecture studio based in Switzerland and operating worldwide. Directed by Siavosh Adeli, a designer internationally awarded and recognized for his visionary and highly artistic approach, the studio creates stunning environments for its clients. They turn spaces into places, surrounding people with harmony, beauty and a unique sense of aesthetics. Our mission was to translate their philosophy into a film. We created a visual, musical and poetic slam to express their one of a kind creative know-how.

Skills involved

Consulting / creative + copy / production / post production