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Virtualisation allows businesses to consolidate  their IT infrastructure by separating operating systems and applications from hardware dependencies, thus simplifying workflow and increase IT efficiency overall. Vision apart is specialised in Virtualisation and delivers a comprehensive range of services, with Desktop and Server Virtualisation solutions. Advantages are numerous with a significant capital  and operating cost reduction, total work flexibility for users and better business continuity.

Cloud & Virtualisation

Server virtualisation benefits

Reduced operating costs

Jump to a virtual server environment and save up to 70% on operational expenditures (OPEX).

Reduced hardware expenses

Lower your capital expenditures (CAPEX) and OPEX by reducing the number of physical servers you have to manage in your infrastructure.

Simplified deployment

Operating systems and applications can be deployed before you can finish your coffee.

Unified infrastructure administration

A single pane of glass for managing all virtual servers and desktops. Monitor and optimize their settings and resources allocation with ease and maximum efficiency.

High availability

Maximize the availability of your entire infrastructure and minimise downtime.

Images & clones

Manage your environment more efficiently by creating shared images and clones for your virtual machines (VM) thus eliminating repetitive routine tasks.


Easily create lab environments without compromising your current infrastructure or having to buy new hardware.

Desktop virtualisation benefits

Intelligent “Private Cloud based” IT environment

OS, applications, data, services… Everything is now virtualised and delivered to your desktop via a single managed solution.

Optimised desktop experience

Consistent high performance delivered through the network. No more dusty and noisy machines on your desk, just a screen, a mouse and a keyboard.

Flexible & secure access

Registered users can access and work on their virtual desktop from any desktop, laptop (Windows, Mac or Linux) or tablet (iOS or Android) securely from anywhere on the globe.

Scalable solution

Create as many virtual desktops as you need for your workforces.

Personalised specs for everyone

Each virtual desktop can be set up to match the user’s needs, and you can modified it at any time.

Simple deployment and reduced maintenance

Implement new virtual desktops, individual or global policies and operate updates via a centralised management application.

Advanced security

Complete data protection with fully encrypted remote access to virtual desktop. Centralised malware and virus protection.

Public Cloud Services

Our Public Cloud Services provide the most powerful tools from the Cloud without the need of an in-house installation, thus reducing costs and maintenance.

Public cloud

Online Backups

  • Off-site copy of your data
  • Scheduled automatic backups
  • Full or selective backups
  • Secure data transfer
  • Safely stored in Switzerland
  • Data encryption
  • Accelerated data recovery

Disaster Recovery

  • Off-site backup
  • Servers & data replications
  • Pro active regular testing
  • Fast & accurate recovery process
  • Physical or virtual
  • Scalable to your business needs
  • Cost effective

Microsoft Office 365

  • Office Professional Plus
  • Office web apps
  • Exchange online
  • Skype Business & Sharepoint online
  • Lower costs & flexibility
  • Scalable “Per user” monthly fee
  • Licensing for multi devices per user

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